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“Just finished a four-day cruise around Casco Bay on my 38′ lobster yacht Trooper using MacENC as my primary navigation tool. Congratulations on creating the best, most intuitive, and best featured navigation tool I’ve used in my 15+ years of boating. We’re using interfaces to Digital Yacht AIS and Actisense repeaters to give me most any data available on the boat right on my screen. MacENC helped me navigate through 1/10th mile visibility fog around some tricky rocks and obstacles with great confidence.”
– RM

“MacENC has been of more value that my built-in B & G chartplotter which cost 10 times more than MacENC. Your support continues to be excellent.”
– BH

“The money I spent to buy MacENC is the best I’ve ever spent on navigation (other than on my sextant). Thank you so much for the continued effort to make a great product even more wonderful.”
– WE

“The MacENC program is an incredible value, excellent performer, and is incredibly easy to learn. I used it extensively in the Pensacola, Florida area in February with a Palm bluetooth gps receiver and a Garmin Etrex Legend coupled to the recommended USB to serial adapter and I couldn’t be happier.”
– DB

“I just must tell you how well MacENC just worked on it’s maiden voyage. Holy smokes, it did just as you said! My Garmin 76, once configured to NMEA (as per instructions) linked easily and every time. The charting features were superb.”
– WE

“I took my iBook with MacENC on it sailing with me last week. Wow was I impressed. It worked great for me and I am very pleased with it.”
– JF

“Very nice software package. Keep it up. In the world of Macs you are truly unusual, a bargain price for high quality software and excellent support.”
– DM

“Your MacENC software worked great with my Mac laptop and Garmin GPS – just come back from cruising our boat in the BVI in the Caribbean – excellent product. thanks.”
– IW

“I appreciate your wonderful software and all the cool features. I’m really thankful for you guys. You’ve saved me at least $1000 dollars over some silly Garmin system with stupid Blue Charts!”
– RP

“Whatever I’m doing, MacENC makes it seem ridiculously easy. Its uncluttered toolbar and simple layout belie what is an extremely capable program.”
– SW

“I am so pleased that someone has produced a proper nautical navigation program for OSX. After 15 minutes with the demo, I bought it immediately. It is an elegant application that works very well and is completely stable.”
– JF

“Thank you. I just got back from a trip to the Cayman Islands, your software worked great! In fact, I left your contact info with the scuba dive operators because my GPS system was better than theirs!”
– RB