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  • GPS & Instruments – Realtime and Simulated display of current LAT/LON (position), SOG (Speed over Ground), COG (Course over Ground), BTW (Bearing to Waypoint), DTW (Distance to Waypoint), VMG (Velocity Made Good), XTE (Cross Track Error), TTG (Time to Go) for waypoint and entire route, a satellite graph and a NMEA monitor. GPS data can be repeated to another device such as control of an Autopilot. Additional instrument data (Heading, Speed, Depth, Temperature, Wind Angle and Windspeed) is also displayed. Having all this information literally at your fingertips, assures that you remain informed of your position and course.
  • Charting – Current position with velocity vector, waypoints, routes and track history are plotted. Seamless quilted vector or raster chart scrolls keeping current position centered. North up or course up orientation. Chart may be displayed with low light viewing intensity. Click on any object on the chart and see complete
    details. Search and scroll to any object on the chart. Chart can be “marked up” in any color. No more marking, erasing and remarking paper charts… know where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going!
  • Zooming & Scrolling – Show chart at scales between 1:5,000 and 1:20,000,000 zoom with excellent clarity. Rubber band selection to display any part of the chart. Smooth and fast scrolling using chart drag tool. Quick and efficient zooming and scrolling gives you a major advantage in plotting your course, or in determining your current position.
  • Waypoints – Create, edit, drag and goto. Waypoints include a name, icon, and description. Waypoints can be saved, exported/imported and transferred to/from the GPS. Waypoint positions can be displayed in several user selectable formats. Flexible Waypoint usage makes it extremely easy to set a course for intermediate destinations, or to return to previous ones. Found a great fishing hole or anchorage? No problem… save it to a Waypoint for future reference.
  • Routes – Create, edit, drag and goto including auto advance. Routes include a name and total distance. For each waypoint in the route the bearing and distance from the previous waypoint is given. Routes can be saved and transferred to/from the GPS. Flexible routing features make it very easy to plan a trip or to repeat a previous trip.
  • Track – Log and plot historical position automatically at user selectable intervals including course, speed and instrument data. Track can be exported/imported and transferred from the GPS. See how efficiently you sailed your course. Use this information to implement changes in future routing.
  • SailTimer – Calculates and displays the optimum sailing course and target speed based on wind speed, wind direction and performance polars. Instantly know how long it will take to sail to a destination and which course to sail.
  • Measure – Position, distance and bearing (true or magnetic) anywhere on the chart including great circle routing. This quick, easy, and accurate method of measurement makes paper chart measurement an antiquated methodology.
  • Built-In Alarms – Available for Anchor drag, Waypoint arrival, Cross Track error, Shallow water, and AIS/Radar vessel proximity. Both visual and audible cues are provided. User selectable range. Have you ever tried to sleep on the hook during foul weather, while wondering if your anchor was truly fast? Don’t depend on luck and guesswork. The integrated alarms add an additional level of comfort in knowing what’s really going on.
  • AIS/Radar – Automatic Identification System receiver displays local vessel traffic including name, call sign, length, speed, course, distance, destination and closest point of approach. RADAR shows tracked targets. Both AIS and RADAR are plotted on the chart. AIS transponder can be used in lieu of a GPS receiver for real-time plotting. Quickly see and track near by traffic.
  • Weather – Using readily available and free GRIB weather forecast files, wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave direction, current, pressure, precipitation rate, air and sea temperature are plotted on the chart. Choose the date and time of the forecast you wish to see. Knowing the forecast helps make key routing decisions.
  • Tides – Click on the chart to bring up Mr. Tides to the nearest station. Having local tide data at hand can come in handywhen deciding to enter a port.
  • Help – Application help is provided through a ‘Help Viewer’ that provides quick answers to most questions regarding configuration and use. Easy access to assistance will ensure that you quickly become a master of even the most complex program functions.
  • AppleScript Compliant – Compliant allows full scripting capability. While MacENC is an extremely simply and flexible application, users who like to experiment with additional features can easily create scripts to further enhance usage.
  • Google Earth – Plot waypoints, routes, tracks and weather in Google Earth. Friends and family can easily see your plans and progress with Google Earth on a Mac or PC.
  • TCP/IP Interface – Send (TCP) and receive (TCP or UDP) NMEA data over wifi. Any number of clients including iNavX for iPhone/iPad/iPod can share the NMEA data. No need to run wires all over the boat as NMEA data can be shared throughout via wifi.