Connecting to additional NMEA Instruments
Additional NMEA instruments (such as a depth sounder, fluxgate compass, wind speed/direction or knotmeter) can be connected to your Mac. The NMEA data can either come through the GPS that is connected to your Mac or through an additional serial port such as the Keyspan High Speed Serial Adapter.

Select menu item "Connect" in the "Instruments" menu. If the Settings drawer is not open select the "Settings" button to open it. In the Settings drawer the correct serial port and rate can be selected OR select "Use GPS Port" to use the same serial port/rate the GPS is connected to.
Note: If "Simulate" is selected on the GPS menu, and "Use GPS Port" is selected, simulated values will be displayed on the Instruments panel.

If the instruments are properly connected and are transmitting NMEA data then the Instruments panel will display the received data. A good connection will be indicated by a GREEN icon next to the "Settings" button in the Instruments panel. If a RED icon is seen it most likely indicates the rate selected in the Settings drawer is not the same as the instruments are using or the instruments are not transmitting NMEA data. If the icon shows only YELLOW it indicates NMEA data is being received, but it cannot be interpreted. Symptoms of this include incorrect rate or instruments which are not transmitting the NMEA data that MacENC™ can interpret.

Select the "Transparent" checkbox to make the Instruments panel semi-transparent.

The "Monitor" button will open/close a drawer that displays the raw NMEA data. Use the "Start" button to enable output and the "Clear" button to erase the contents. If the instruments are properly connected you will see a stream of NMEA data displayed when the "Start" button is selected.

Select the "Connect at Startup" checkbox in the Preferences window to have the Instruments panel automatically open when MacENC™ is started.

Select "Magnetic" or "True" buttons in the Preferences window to control how heading (HDT/HDM) is displayed.

Select "Apparent" or "True" buttons in the Preferences window to control how wind (AWA/TWA and AWS/TWS) is displayed.

The Instruments panel can be resized and all of the fields will be sized appropriately. This makes a useful Instruments data repeater.