Opening ENCs
is compatible with vector format S-57 ENC. S-57 ENCs are distributed in catalogs (folders). Copy or download the ENC catalogs to your hard drive preferably to a folder in your home folder. "ENC_ROOT" is a recommended folder name. ENC's contain one or more cells.

Before ENC's can be displayed, they must be added to the Chart Manager. Select "Chart Manager" on the "File" menu. Select "Add ENC Catalog..." button to add a catalog to the chart list. Pick the "CATALOG.031". If a "CATALOG.031" file does not exist for the charts, then pick the FOLDER where the .000 files are located and a "CATALOG.031" will be created and added to the Chart Manager. Use "Remove" to unlist a selected catalog. Select the ">" button to the list the cells contained in the catalog. Some ENC's require Cell Permits to be used. The "Add ENC Permits..." button can be used to add Cell Permits. The permits will be in files named "ENC.PMT" or "PERMIT.TXT". Once added these files are no longer used by MacENC™, but should be kept for backup purposes. The "User Permit" field displays the code required for obtaining ENCs.

The "Scroll To" button will display the selected cell. Then selecting the ">" button for the displayed cell will list all the objects in the cell. Selecting an obect then pressing "Scroll To" will center the cell to the selected object.

The find entry field can be used to filter which cells are listed. Selecting the "Names" radio button lists only those cells that name match the criteria in the find entry field. Selecting the "Objects" radio button lists only the cells that have a specific object with a matching name in them.

Double clicking on any cell name will display selected cell. Double clicking any object will scroll the chart to the object.

Updating ENCs
One of the benefits of the ENC's is their easy ability to be updated. Follow these steps to update the ENC's:

If the updates are not a complete ENC set, but instead just a partial set. Normally indicated by the terms "Update" either at the ENC download site or on the ENC CD, then follow these steps:

Copy the update ENC_ROOT folder to your Mac being careful not to replace any existing "ENC_ROOT" folders with this new one.

In the Chart Manager select any previous update Catalogs and remove them with the "Remove" button.

In the Chart Manager Select "Add ENC Catalog..." button to add the update catalog to the chart list. Pick the "CATALOG.031"from the update "ENC_ROOT" folder.

Make sure to add any permits that accompany the update with the "Add ENC Permits..." button.