Opening Navionics Charts
is compatible with Navionics Charts from X-Traverse. Note: Requires a Mac with an Intel processor.

Before Navionics Charts can be displayed, they must be added to the Chart Manager. Select "Chart Manager" on the "File" menu. Select "Add Chart Folder..." button to add a folder to the chart list. Select the FOLDER with the charts (.nv2 files). Note: Only one Navionics Charts set can be used at a time. Use "Remove" to unlist a selected folder. Select the ">" button to the list the charts contained in the folder.

The "Navionics Charts" menu item in the "View" menu toggles the display of Navionics charts.

The find entry field can be used to filter which charts are listed. Selecting the "Names" radio button lists only those charts that name match the criteria in the find entry field. The "Objects" radio button will search for place names that match the find entry field.

The "Scroll To" button will display the selected chart.

Double clicking on any chart name in the Chart Manager will display selected chart. Double clicking any place name will scroll the chart to the place.

"Safety Depth" on the "View" menu will set the depth at which contour shading occurs.

Selecting the "<C>" or "<T>" objects on the Navionics charts will open Mr. Tides to the closest current or tidal station.