Opening Raster Charts
is compatible with raster format Softcharts and BSB charts. (Note: BSB 4 and BSB 5 charts must be registered prior to use). Copy or download the charts to your hard drive preferably to a folder in your home folder. We recommend "Charts" as the folder name.

Before Raster Charts can be displayed, they must be added to the Chart Manager. Select "Chart Manager" on the "File" menu. Select "Add Chart Folder..." button to add a folder to the chart list. Select the FOLDER with the charts (.kap or .cap or .bap or .nos/.geo files). Use "Remove" to unlist a selected folder. Select the ">" button to the list the charts contained in the folder.

Raster charts overlay ENC cells. The "Raster Chart" menu item in the "View" menu toggles the display of raster charts.

The find entry field can be used to filter which charts are listed. Selecting the "Names" radio button lists only those charts that name match the criteria in the find entry field.

The "Scroll To" button will display the selected chart.

Double clicking on any chart name in the Chart Manager will display selected chart.

[control] clicking on the raster chart will display a context menu allowing manual selection of any raster chart that intersects with the viewed area. Those charts that are listed in a bold font contain the position where clicked. If a specific chart is selected and the view is scrolled such that the chart is no longer visible then "Automatic" chart selection will resume.

"Borders" on the "View" / "Objects" menu will toggle display of the chart border on and off.