Track allows you to keep a history of your position over time. The Track menu has the ability to "Capture", "Show" and "Delete All..." the track history. When "Capture" is selected, the current position will be recorded every 1, 15, 30, 60, 90 seconds, five, fifteen, thirty or sixty minutes based on the selection of "Time Interval". The last 5,000 positions will be stored. When "Show" is selected the track history will be plotted on the chart as a dashed line. Track segments that are greater than the New Track Segment minutes set in the Preferences apart will be drawn disconnected and not summed in the Cumulative display. Select "Color" to choose the color the current track is plotted with including any selected track records. When "Delete All..." is selected the entire track history will be erased.

Select "Open" on the "Track" menu to display the Track window. The Track window has the entire track history including position, course and speed. Selecting an individual Track record will show it's position on the opened chart.

"Instruments" on the "Track" menu can be selected to turn on/off the fields for instrument data.

Select "New" on the Track window to manually create a new track record.

Select "Scroll To" on the Track window to center the chart on a specific track.

Select "Delete" on the Track window to delete the selected record.

[command] click on the dashed track line on the chart to select the specfic track record in the Track window. [command] [shift] click on the dashed track line on the chart to select the end of a range of track records in the Track window. The cumulative distance/time/average speed will be for all track records unless multiple track records are selected in the Track window.

Tracks can be imported or exported to a file via the "Track" menu "Transfer" sub menu. The CSV file format is ..

date, latitude, longitude, cog, sog, heading, speed, depth, windAngle, windSpeed, comment<newline>

OR they can be imported or exported as a CSV file or a GPX file or a Google Earth KML or KMZ file. Dragging a track to a Finder folder will create a GPX file.

Tracks can be copied from the GPS via the "Transfer" menu using the sub menu item "from GPS" via the "Tracks" menu. Currently the Garmin and Magellan protocols are supported. Before the transfer begins the GPS panel will automatically be closed. Make sure the correct brand of GPS is selected in the GPS Settings drawer. Garmin GPS will need to be put in Data Transfer/Slave or 'GARMIN' Mode before a track transfer can be performed.

Use the "File..." button on the MacENC™ preferences window to select where the Track History file is stored. For most circumstances this should not be changed from the default location shown here.