GPS panel is not available - Menu item "Connect" is disabled on the "GPS" menu
- Do you have an OS X compatible serial port on your Mac? MacENC™ requires a serial port to connect a GPS.
- Does your Mac have the proper serial port OS X drivers installed? MacENC™ requires that the serial port have an OS X driver installed.

- Did you connect the GPS after you launched MacENC™? Restart MacENC™.

GPS panel is Open, but there is no GPS position and/or waypoint data shown.
- Is the GPS on? The power must to the GPS must be on.
- Is the GPS connected via a cable to your Mac? The GPS must be connected to your Mac.
- Is the GPS transmitting NMEA data? Check the GPS manual on how to configure it such that it will send out NMEA data.
- Is the GPS transmitting NMEA data at the same baud rate MacENC™ is configured for in the GPS "Settings" drawer? The baud rate the GPS is transmitting NMEA data and the MacENC™ rate must be the same.
- Is there any output displayed in the GPS Monitor drawer? Select the "Monitor" button and select "Start". If data is being sent from the GPS to MacENC™ then it will be displayed in the Monitor drawer.

Goto button on Waypoints window is disabled.
- The GPS panel must be open a with current position received and the Chart window must be opened. If the GPS is navigating to a waypoint then this waypoint will be the active waypoint unless the "Goto" checkbox is not selected in the GPS panel waypoint drawer.

Chart window always scrolls back to where the current GPS position is in the center of the screen.
- Make sure menu item "Position Centered" in the "View" menu is not selected.

Double clicking on the Chart window does not create a waypoint and a beep is heard
- Are you already editing a waypoint in the Waypoint window or a route in the Route window? If a waypoint name or position is being edited then a new waypoint cannot be created until the editing is complete.

No satellite information is displayed in the satellite drawer, while other GPS information such as position is displayed.
- Satellite information requires the GPS be transmitting version 2.0 or later of NMEA data information. Typically this is selected in the GPS setup.

My Mac crashes when I try to transfer waypoints, routes or track from the GPS.
- Most likley you are using a USB to Serial adapter that is not produced by Keyspan.

I am unable to transfer waypoints, routes or tracks to/from my Garmin GPS.
- Make sure the "Type" of GPS is set to Garmin in the GPS panel settings.
- Make sure the Garmin GPS is in "Garmin" or "Data Transfer Mode".
- Make sure the Garmin GPS does not have an active waypoint or route.