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GPS Window
Displays realtime GPS data. The GPS Window can be re-sized and the data will be visually scaled. This makes for a usable “Maxi” display. Transparent allows charts to be seen through the GPS Window. The Monitor, Satellites and Settings button open respective drawers.

Instruments Window
Displays realtime instruments data. Resizes and scales like the GPS Window.

Chart Manager Window
Displays list of available charts. Quickly scroll to any chart or any feature (navaid, facility or harbor).

Chart Window and Navigation Window
In this window, the vessel is being navigated to the waypoint GGBRG
(Golden Gate Bridge). The blue line shows the course to the active
waypoint and the trailing dashed line shows the track history. In the
Navigation Window, the distance and bearing to the active waypoint are

Display of both vector and raster charts. In this window a raster chart is overlaid on a vector chart. Clicking any navaid on the chart
displays pertinent details in the Navigation Window.

Display of Navionics charts from X-Traverse. In this window a Navionics chart is displayed.

Overview Window
The Overview Window shows a zoomed out view. The box outlines what is shown in the Chart Window. The box can be grabbed to scroll the Chart Window.

Waypoints Window
Double clicking on the chart creates a new waypoint. Waypoints can
be edited in place and saved and deleted and made active.

Routes Window
Routes can be created using waypoints. The selected route is plotted on the chart and the distance, bearing and time (cumulative and leg) are listed.

AIS & Radar
Connect a readily available AIS (Automatic Identification Receiver) or Radar to your Mac and “see” local vessel traffic.

Track Window
The historical position is stored. Selecting any row plots the past position on the chart including bearing and speed.

SailTimer Window
The optimum angle and target speed to sail is provided to a waypoint.

Tides & Currents
Click anywhere on the chart to get a tide or current graph via Mr. Tides.

Using readily available and free GRIB weather forecast files, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, air and sea temperature are plotted on the chart. Both traditional vectors with barbs or Beaufort scale filled vectors are available. Selecting the forecast is as easy as picking the date/time from the list.

Google Earth
Export waypoints, routes and tracks to Google Earth.